Art from the Heart:
Mosaic Workshops Raise Funds for the Caledonia Conservancy

A series of four mosaic workshops held recently drew in dozens of neighbors and friends — and raised more than $2500 for the Caledonia Conservancy.

For Libby Cameron-Erlandsson, a local artist and long-time Caledonia Conservancy advocate, the idea to host workshops in her home studio came from her love of mosaics, and a shared commitment with her husband Kjell Erlandsson to the Caledonia Conservancy.

It all started when Libby’s friend Marcia Buhler asked if she’d consider doing a workshop that would teach others how to create the lovely mosaics Libby had been working on. 

From there, “it just evolved,” says Libby. “We decided to donate any proceeds to the Caledonia Conservancy and poof — four workshops filled right up, word of mouth. I was amazed at the interest. The talent here just wanted an outlet!”

In February and March, a total of 27 participants came to Libby’s home studio to visit, learn, and explore their artistic talents. Together, they created 30 original works of art.

“With mosaics, aside from the cool art created, we all took away the joyous experience of creating with friends and making some new ones,” says Libby. “It’s an unanticipated bonus of great fun to see what mosaics bring out in all of us. It seems to enhance whatever ideas we bring to it.”

Libby says she made the decision to teach the most complex method so that the finished works of art could be displayed outdoors. An intense, full-day workshop was followed by a final follow-up grouting session. “It’s a beautiful tie to our Conservancy life,” she says, “because it takes the art into the outdoors.

“I’d never taught anything before and was thrilled with how the pieces turned out — terrific results, all beautiful, original and unique works. Kudos to each participant for exploring something new, and for allowing me to share what I’ve now obsessed over.. I mean learned about.. with this art form.”

Be sure to check out the photosbecause maybe.. just maybe.. some of the mosaics will stage a live appearance at an upcoming Caledonia Conservancy event!

Here’s what some of the participants had to say about the workshops:

“Thank you so much Libby Cameron for not only teaching so many of us, but making this into a wonderful fundraiser for the Caledonia Conservancy.” — Nancy Pierce

“Such an awesome idea for funds, camaraderie, CC visibility and enjoying the beauty of nature.” — Susan (Ehrlich) Smith 

“There needs to be an art show!” — Peg Donovan Kavaney

“A multitude of thanks to Libby for a vast amount of work: self-teaching the technique, then so generously sharing it!, and benefitting the Conservancy.” — Fran Hughson Martin

“I'm not a 'crafty' person, but I surprised myself. I'll do it again!” — Tina Cleaton Grava

“What a gift to share, such artistry and then people are able to make the mosaics on their own.” — Thomas Hughson

Thank you Libby! Your creativity is amazing and you are such a thoughtful, encouraging teacher! SO MUCH FUN!!” — Lori Slattery

“Beautiful work — each is so different! Libby, you're obviously a great teacher with results like this, and we love how you share your experience and enthusiasm with all of us!” — Michelle Luczak

Click the below image for more photos from our mosaic workshops!