2019 Summer Feature Article: Mosaic Workshops

Be sure to read about the mosaic workshops that artist Libby Cameron Erlandsson hosted! Here are some quotes from the 27 happy participants, along with photos of their outstanding work.

“Thank you so much Libby Cameron for not only teaching so many of us, but making this into a wonderful fundraiser for the Caledonia Conservancy.” — Nancy Pierce

“Such an awesome idea for funds, camaraderie, CC visibility and enjoying the beauty of nature.” — Susan (Ehrlich) Smith 

“There needs to be an art show!” — Peg Donovan Kavaney

“A multitude of thanks to Libby for a vast amount of work: self-teaching the technique, then so generously sharing it!, and benefitting the Conservancy.” — Fran Hughson Martin

“I'm not a 'crafty' person, but I surprised myself. I'll do it again!” — Tina Cleaton Grava

“What a gift to share, such artistry and then people are able to make the mosaics on their own.” — Thomas Hughson

Thank you Libby! Your creativity is amazing and you are such a thoughtful, encouraging teacher! SO MUCH FUN!!” — Lori Slattery

“Beautiful work — each is so different! Libby, you're obviously a great teacher with results like this, and we love how you share your experience and enthusiasm with all of us!” — Michelle Luczak

Here are some of the beautiful mosaics the participants created: