Don't leave your helmet behind when you ride. You may not come back to get it.

Don't leave your helmet behind when you ride. You may not come back to get it.

"A Great community which works together to preserve nature.  A get away almost in your back yard that is respected and enjoyed by many. It gives me a purpose to enjoy the great outdoors on foot or horseback.  A sense of teamwork with working with stewardship and seeing projects and trails come together.  My home away from home."

"I have spent the last seven years riding the trails of the Caledonia Conservancy and after working six days a week, I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be. We are so very lucky to have this available to equestrians like myself and many others"

Our horse enthusiasts are the backbone of the Caledonia Conservancy. We have a unique community of equestrians that consist of farm owners, trainers, barn managers and exhibitors that enjoy our varied trail system. These lands that are available to riders are partially owned by the Conservancy and also privateindividuals.

On our trail system, you will find varied terrain such as woodlands, hills, rivers, and prairies. The experienced and novice rider will find enough variations of topography to keep them happily in the saddle for many hours. We work hard to keep our footing in good condition and ask that you exercise caution in early spring and after heavy rainfall. It is imperitive that you remain on the trails that are marked for equine use and use good sense when following along land that is planted for crops.

It is through the gracioius permission of private land owners that we are given the opportunity to ride on their land. Please leave these lands as good as you have found them.

Riding helmets are strongly suggested on the Caledonia Conservancy's trails. Some of our trails cross over into private property in which helmets are required. Why helmets matter

Each year, our Stewardship Committee hosts our Mane Event. This is a fun event that is open to the horse-owning public and you can find out more about this event here.  Hopefully you'll consider joining us and riding the beautiful Caledonia Conservancy trails.