Jun 2019 Trail Clearing

May 2019 Neighborhood Central Walk tree planting

Apr/May 2019 School to Nature

Nov 2018 Holiday Fundraiser

Oct 2018 School to Nature

Sep 2018 Picnic

Oct 2018 King’s Corner

Jul 2018 Birds at Tabor Woods

Summer/Fall 2018

Zoo Trip -- May 2018

AmeriCorps - May 2018

CC NCW tree planting - Apr 29th 2018

Prairie Wood Chips - Apr 23rd 2018

School to Nature - May 2nd 2018 - McKinley

School to Nature - May 3rd 2018 - McKinley

School to Nature - May 8th 2018 - Gifford

School to Nature - May 10th 2018 - Gifford

School to Nature - May 4th 2018 - McKinley

Apr 2018 Prairie School Service Day

PBS Video of Caledonia -- Around the Corner with John McGivern

Mar 2018 EcoFest

Oct 2017 North Park

Oct 2017 Olympia Brown

Sep 2017 Picnic

Oct 2017 Praying Mantis

Oct 2017 Racine Christian

Oct 2017 St Ritas

Oct 2017 Walden

Sep-Oct 2017 Gifford

Oct 2017 Olympia Brown / St Ritas

Jul 2017 Secret Woods Bridge Repair

Jun 2017 Mane Event

April/May 2017 School to Nature

Dec 2016 Holiday Fundraiser

Oct 2016 Land Trust Alliance Rally - Minneapolis

Oct 2016 Highway Cleaning

June 2016 Eagle Scout Project

May 2016 Gilmore Middle School

May 2016 McKinley Middle School

May 2016 21st Century School

April 2016 Trail Cleaning

Dec 2015 Holiday Fundraiser

Oct 2015 Volunteer Picnic

Cameron Erlandsson Tabor Woods Greenspace Sign

Oct 2015 Racine Christian 3rd Grade

Oct 2015 Walden Students at Tabor Woods and Neighborhood Central Walk

Oct 2015 S2N Trinity Lutheran

Cameron/Erlandsson Tabor Woods Sign

Oct 2015 Tabor Woods trail cleaning

Oct 2015 S2N Racine Christian grade 3

Neubuaer Easement Signs

Sept 2015 S2N Prairie Fall Trip

Sept 2015 S2N Gifford 4th graders

Aug 2015 Frese Banks

Al Frese and Joe Weinzatl build bank jumps.

Please let the grass grow in before using them.

July 2015 Mane Event

Many thanks to photographers Milton Findley and Roy Bohn for taking photos of the Mane Event this year.

Milton's pictures can be ordered here.

Roy's pictures can be ordered here.

Also, many thanks to our sponsors:

And many thanks to donors of prizes:

June 2015 Neighborhood Central Walk Eagle Scout Project

June 2015 Erlandsson Woods Walking Bridge

June 2015 Shed Roof Repair

The incredibly generous Mather's Improvement Service Ltd donated their time and materials to fix the roof on our shed. Thank you SO much for giving up your Saturday to help the Caledonia Conservancy.

May 2015 S2N Racine Christian and Homeschooled 6th graders

May 2015 Tabor Woods School to Nature

May 2015 Picnic Table

Miscellaneous Photos