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The donations of individuals like you make the Caledonia Conservancy and all of its accomplishments possible. We have wonderful volunteers and the gracious donation of time, ingenuity, fuel, labor and skill by people who care about green spaces and their continuation is what keeps us moving forward. We have many needs and when looking into the future 5 to 10 years from now, we also have a few wants. Your donation, whether time or money, makes these desires possible.

All Caledonia Conservancy donors receive our newsletter and invitations to special events, such as nature walks and horseback rides, land dedications, and informational talks.

$1000 - Sustaining

$500 - Patron

$250 - Supporter

$100 - Family

$50 - Individual

$500 - Business

Or other amount.

Your donations help us to acquire safety equipment, study materials for our School to Nature program, materials to repair and build the equestrian trails, and also gives us the ability to preserve more land. We appreciate you, your interest in our endeavors and your dedication to the Caledonia Conservancy.

Thank you.