Volunteers Help With Major Improvements at King’s Corner!!

The week of June 17 was a busy one for the Caledonia Conservancy and eight young Americorps volunteers who spent nearly 400 combined hours making several major site improvements at King’s Corner.

Together, the project team achieved its goal of completing a new walking path at Arc Trail, so we now have a system of separate trails: the existing horse trail that winds around the grasslands on an outside track, and the newly mowed walking trail that parallels the horse trail on an inside track. 

From the parking lot, the team also completed a separate walking trail that connects Arc Trail and the children’s play circle, and connected the Buckthorn and the Arc walking trails, which still need widening. The trails are now mowed and marked with horse trail and walking trail signs.

 “These new improvements could not have happened without the Americorps volunteers and so many CC members who helped with their time and equipment,” said Wendy McCalvy, who coordinated the week-long project. “They all came forward when asked.”

 Follow this link to see a map of the new trail improvements!