Congratulations to the Caledonia Conservancy's School to Nature Program and your big win at Potawatomi Casino's "Miracle on Canal Street" program.

The School-to-Nature program has been running for 5 years and we have touched the lives of approximately 3,000 4th and 6th grade students. By 'we' I mean all the wonderful volunteers who have come out and taught these kids about nature. Your kind and caring attention to these students has made this program the success it is. Now, with this money we will be able to further enhance the program. We're still in the 'what are we going to do with all this money' stage but the committee, along with the CC Board, is looking forward to finding a way to enrich our program and enhance the lives of our area children. 

Thank you for all your support of the program and we look forward to seeing many of you again next spring.

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