School to Nature

Are you an educator, biologist, or environmentalist? Maybe you’re a science geek who loves to learn about nature? The School To Nature committee is for those who yearn to learn. The Caledonia Conservancy started the School to Nature program in 2010 to expose students to the natural world offered on the Conservancy’s preserved land. Read more...


Are you a great steward of the environment? Are you a passionate grower or gardener? If YES, then Stewardship is the team for you! The Conservancy’s riding and walking trails are created and maintained by the Stewardship committee. If there are culverts to be fixed, fences to be repaired, or trails to be cleared and created, this is the group that thoughtfully manages and maintains the Conservancy’s lands for equestrian use, hiking, and nature appreciation. Our volunteers make sure the trails are safe, the footing is ideal, and neither branch nor fallen tree is in the way. These dedicated individuals work on a purely volunteer basis and we graciously thank them for their time, fuel, and equipment.

Our wish list:

  • Skid Steer Loader

  • Skag

  • More volunteers!!

Get to know us at our monthly trail clearings on the second Saturday of every month, from April through October. You’ll meet some great people and learn what our trail system has to offer — all at the same time!  


Outreach is focused on sharing with the community all that Conservancy has to offer — with a vision for tomorrow. Each year we host several community-wide events, bring in volunteers and sponsors, secure funding and grants, and work with Conservancy members to promote our values and reach out to the broader community.

Are you a pro at event planning? Do you love hosting a great party? Are you well connected in the community? If YES, then come join the Outreach team. We host community-wide events throughout the year and there’s always room for more!


This committee focuses on preserving land through direct acquisitions and conservation easements, in accordance with the community’s Strategic Land Preservation Plan. To achieve the Conservancy’s preservation goals, Preservation committee members provide leadership within the community by partnering with outside organizations, conducting research, and applying for grants or funding in support of specific land acquisition projects.