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Survey deadline is April 15. Thank you!

1. Had you heard about the Caledonia Conservancy prior to receiving our mailer? _____Yes _____ No

2. When you are outdoors, what do you like to do? Check ALL that apply.

___ Walking/ hiking: ___fields ___woods ___pavement ___with dog ___with family
___ Seeing nature: ___birds ___plants/wildflowers ___wildlife ___ peace and quiet
___ Playing: ___sports games ___family games ___exploration
___ Picnics: ___at home ___in a park ___with a group
___ Horseback Riding: ___fields/paths ___woods ___jumping ___group ride ___ring
___ Getting away: ___finding some place nearby ___traveling to get to another area
___ Other interests outdoors: _______________________________________________

3. Would you or your family be interested in Conservancy-sponsored events and parties for Caledonia area friends and neighbors?
_____Yes _____No _____Need more information

4. The CC group is considering a sheltered pavilion for public use on Conservancy property. Please rate your interest:
___Important to me/ good idea ___Not of great interest to me

5. Had you heard of the King’s Corner Conservancy area or location prior to receiving our mailer?
___Yes _____ No _____Saw the sign

6. If you are interested in learning more about the Caledonia Conservancy and its activities, please explore our website at: and sign up below to receive information.


Address/Zip ________________________________________________

Email address:___________________phone number______________

I am also listing my specific abilities and/or talents that I would like to share with the organization.



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